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Communities & Social Networks Conference 2013 

As part of my Uni studies I am presenting a paper at an online conference coming up at the end of April start of May. Check out the video I created below for more information.

Penultimate for iPad

I have recently been using Penultimate with my Evernote account. Have to say it works a charm, good stuff. 

Live Action Toy Story

This is pretty well done.



Every day.

Except now they tell me, “1998.” And I’m like, “And you’re potty trained? That’s wonderful.

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“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.”
— Heidi-Hayes Jacobs
PopCorn - Create “live” web videos.

The idea that Mozilla have tried to create with PopCorn, is to enable people to produce live video which can change depending on the information put into it. Twitter feeds, google maps and facebook posts can all be added for example. Not to forget links and wikipedia definitions of keys words/phrases.

The implications of a tool such as this could be interesting for the way in which video is used in education. Instead of giving a handouts with links to related topics, maps, pictures or videos you can have them right there in the video at the time that is appropriate.

Watch the TED video below for a demo of Popcorn.

Is 4K really worth it in a 55” TV?

All the buzz at recent CES is about 4K TVs. However I am dubious wether these UHD screens, in the particular the 55” models, is actually worth the coin.  Both Panasonic and Sony showcased 56” 4K OLED screens. Considering there are already 55” full HD 1080p screens out there is it even worth considering a 4K OLED of the same size.

Certainly 4K TVs have place in the market, at 80”s and above. So why bother showcasing small (in comparison) screen at a conference?  

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive)

(Image Credit: Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive)